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Shopping Guide

  1. View products and if you like it, you choose size and quantity then “add into cart”
  2. If you want to continue shopping, then click “back to shopping” . You can also change your choice of your cart. if you finish shopping, then “go to checkout”
  3. You can view your selection in your cart any time. And you can also view products you recent browser in “review” on the bottom of left side box.
  4. selection in your cart any time or in the review history, there is detail list of your recent view.
  5. When you checkout , you need to login in if you are old customer. if you are new user ,please register first.
  6. when you log in, step 1 of 3 is delivery information. you can change your delivery address if it is different from the registed address. then click "contiue checkout". step 2 of 3 is payment information. it shows the total cost of your order. click "continue checkout". step 3 of 3 is order confirmation. it shows all details of your order. if everything is ok, then click "confirm the order".
  7. choose the way to pay and follow the screen-on instruction to finish this order.