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Shoes Inner length

Shoes Inner length

Same size doesn't mean the same fit.

Unfortunately there can be a great difference in fit, when comparing the "same" size from different brands.

Inner length in mm = true size

We use precise measure instrument to measure the inner length of all shoes which display in our website.  We state each size with indication of inner length in every shoes description. So it is best that if you can measure your children’s feet by the length and compare the indication of the internal length.


General recommendations in the purchase of shoes are as follows (because of the size of the socks that would be worn with their shoes):

  • sports shoes, winter shoes and boots: Inner Length >= length of feet  + 12 mm

ie, Your children foot length is 200mm, then you should pick up the shoes with at least 212mm Inner length.


  • sandals, clogs and prewalkers: Inner Length >= length of feet + 8 mm


Never hesitate to contact us at:  if you need further guidance in your choice of model/size